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Oct 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
ware john -- the washington regional alcohol program says 40% of all traffic deaths on halloween today, are caused by drunken drivers. so it is once again offering its halloween sober ride program. from 10:00 tonight until 4:00 tomorrow morning, anybody 21 years old or older calling from the d.c. area can get a free cab ride home up to $35 worth. 465 people took advantage of the program last year. so the number to call 800-200- taxi. that's (800)200-8294. >> hope people take advantage of that. >>> people, it will be a happy halloween tonight for tens of thousands of area children who were holding their breaths that sandy wouldn't ruin the night of trick-or-treating. nick monticello joins us live. a lot of folks behind you nick. >> reporter: it's kind of like moths to a light at this point. the camera man there, these kids are having a great time in fact i don't think they even know what superstorm sandy is. so this is kind of an idea to get all the kids out here and one location and a safe spot. they start about a block down on 11th street here and currently at 11th and park in the col
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
with john hopkins center for technology and education. hands on learning is a big part of the experience -- experiment, but it goes far beyond that. >> you'll learn how to work in teams. then the teachers will be working with the students in helping them learn how to work. around solving the real world problems. >> reporter: the program is called learning integration for tomorrow or lipt. each student goes into a small group, gets an assigned job and title, which requires them to stay engaged. >> if you are working in a smaller group, most people will get it because they feel bigger and you make an idea, you know, one person might not know what they are doing and mess up the project. >> when they finish, they get to stand up and tell the class what worked and what didn't. >> we did the same design, but we only stopped until here. we actually later decided. and because that team, they motivated us. they want that beat down and we just added another floor. >> reporter: for lance's team, that was a good thing. >> four, three, two, one. hand off -- hands off. >> this is their second try of t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2